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Swallowing, Vore and More!
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Triplets: Cassandra/Cassandra/Cassandra 3


Triplets! Three videos, one shot!

Cassandra and the Ring: Cassandra has had this ring for a long, long time, and it used to be her favorite. It won’t fit anymore, so she’s ready to put it in a special jewelry box where she can keep it forever. This jewelry box is unlike any other, though... instead of velvet lining, it’s going to cover the ring in her special concoction of stomach acid! This ring does give Cassandra a hard time because it doesn’t want to go down, but--as always--Cassandra wins the fight and digestion begins.

Cassandra and the Special Seafood: Believe it or not, Cassandra doesn’t actually like EATING fish... but she LOVES to SWALLOW them! There’s just something about a live fish fighting for his life as her throat pushes him down to oblivion that Cassandra loves more than anything else. This special guest is her latest prey, and--after Cassandra teases him a little--he’s going to give her a fight to remember.

Cassandra and Spot: Spot is a cute pet goldfish that has always brought Cassandra’s household a lot of joy and happiness. When Cassandra was bored on a beautiful afternoon, though, she had an idea... out of sheer boredom, Cassandra simply decided to swallow spot. That’s right... years of happiness and service, and he’s now gone forever just because she was bored. How would you like to live in Cassandra’s house?

With Triplets!, you get THREE videos in sequence, all for one low price. There's no better way to enjoy vore and swallowing!

Note: Status bar in image is for demonstration only and does not appear in the video.

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